Listen up guys.When it comes to getting the girls, you’ve got to look good. And your skin is a big part of that. If all that “product” stuff is too girly for you, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t take a medicine cabinet full of sweet-smelling oils and creams to get you looking your best. Here’s my simple, 10-minute, tried and tested “trio” that’ll give you great looking skin.

1.     2 Minutes
When your’re in the shower, wash your face! But don’t use regular soap or shampoo that can strip your skin of essential oils. Instead, invest in a soap-free cleanser made specifically for men. These are generally scent-free or made of all natural ingredients that smell fresh, but not girly. Also, once a week, use an exfoliator—a different type of cleanser that gets rid of the deeper trapped oil and dirt, helping you avoid breakouts. Crystal Microderm Exfoliating Treatment (pictured) is perfectly balanced for weekly use.
2.     7 Minutes
Now that your face is clean and your whiskers are soft, its time to begin your shaving routine. The biggest problem with a lot of shaving gels or creams is they are not pH balanced, resulting in dryness and irritation. Choose one make for sensitive skin and avoid harsh chemicals by making sure they contain natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil. I like Origins Blade Runner Shaving Cream. Also, use a sharp razor blade to avoid pulling whiskers and causing more irritation.
3.      1 Minute
After shaving, you want to smooth, soothe, and protect—so think moisture, moisture, moisture. Environmental pollutants, the sun and the wind all dry out your skin and cause it to become weathered, dull and old before its time. A good all-around moisturizer found at your local health food store is natural aloe. Also, consider whether or not you’ll be in the sun. If you are, find a moisturizer with a built-in SPF. It will go a long way toward protecting your skin from visable sun damage.

So, there you have it guys—three easy steps for great skin the ladies will love. I told you it was simple.